The efforts to keep Rumi's philosophical works and poetry alive with the same power for centuries make us feel more proud. His scholarly works have conquered many hearts in both the East and the West.
Aliya Izzetbegovic

While the western thought that is tied to materialism has been searching the incident of separation between birth and death; famous Islam Saint Rumi Jalaluddin-i Rumi has exceeded the borders of heart and mind and succeeded to express the antedating separation and eternal union.
Prof Dr Ayhan Songar

Rumi lived in order to dissolve all humans and strings that broke the people mass, chained the souls of people and enslaved the peoples' hearts into the fire of one unique being. He himself melted in that fire and penetrated into the hearts of people who came after him.
Prof Dr Irene Melikoff

Rumi Jalaluddin is one of the leading personalities in both Islam Sufism and around the world. He took the place among world's famous genius by broadness of his horizon, highness of his thoughts, pureness of his expressions and by having the virtue of humane.
Prof Dr. Said Nefisi - Literature Historian from Iran

Janab-i Mawlana is a verse of God. Everybody thinks they read and understood him; Alas! He is seventy layers of cover or sun that is seen under cloud for us. We do not see that sun; only we can see is a part that is lightened by the covering cloud: with his sight we suppose we see him.
Prof Dr Ferid Kam

Mawlana was the unique light of his time and the gleam of this light has brightened the universe. The name of the great mystic poet whose works adapt to every times of the world, brightens more and more as time goes on.
Dr. Afzal Ikbal

He is such a loveable, harmonious and extremist poet, such a genius that attar, glory and a little peculiarity would diffusion from him. In my opinion, the lives of the messengers - these divine people - of enthusiasm, light and joy world can not be compared to Rumi Jalaluddin's. I realized the missing parts of Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe and Hugo after seeing his poems filled with Sama and musical feeling and his school.
Marice Barres (French Author)

Rumi died only a couple years after Dante's birth. However, a Christian poet stays way under the level of the love and tolerance that a Muslim contemporary reaches.
R. A Nicholson

It is not possible to find the magnificence, loftiness, fearlessness and poetry in a poem by another mystical poet but Rumi.
Şibli Numani.

Mathnawi is a kind of a pocketbook for Sufis from the River Ganj up to the coasts of Bosporus.
Van Hammer Purgstall (Literature Historian from Australia)

Rumi brought a bright period into Islamic World. He searched goodness only in the positive way, he was opposed to slavery and he advised to earn by hard work. According to him, human is a free and holy being. Sama is a symbolic expression of his philosophy. He says by Sama "when you whirl, you see God. The happiest day would be the day you see him which is the day of your death.”
Lois Doncet(French writer)

If we get to know the real genuine people, we find in them the sparks of fire of human love that burns forever within Prophets and Saints.
Prof. Dr. Amil Çelebioğlu

Together with being a full public man with his opinion, intention and words; Rumi is a scientist, unique poet and a deep philosopher.
Abdülkadir Gölpınarlı

Rumi is the freshness in feeling and in thought.
Abu'l Haşan an-Nedvi

"It is a scientifıc fact that it is not possible to understand the early era Turkish works in Anatolia without knowing Rumi thoroughly."
Prof. Dr. Fuat Köprülü

Rumi is not only a great poet of Islamic Sufism, but also of general mysticism.
Annemarie Schimmel

Now, it is almost the end of our lives whereas we are still at the beginning or Rumi. He himself is the sultan of the spiritual world, and his Mathnawi is the masterpiece of his unique character.
Molla Jami

The poetry of Rumi is a joyful light in the deep heavenly darkness. His poetry is also a peace source among the chaos and distress of life.
Prof. Dr.Hanif Faruk (Pakistan)

Works of Art of Rumi are beyond languages and ideologies. As he stated in its style; it is hard to find any other poet expressing “ant and sun, flower and ocean, green and mountains, pupil of eye of human and moon in the sky" with the same easiness.
Aliya İzzetbegoviç

In the system of Rumi thought, Sama means a progress toward bigger freedom and deeper love. The Sama of the whirling dervishes in white somehow explains Love as ‘the amen said by the Universe’.

"Rumi is like those serving the humankind realm such as prophets, saints and soldiers of God of the world in terms of ethics and requesting public good. It is necessary to show Rumi as one of the greatest guiders of humankind in terms of truthfulness and justice.
Prof. B. Fürüzanfer

Mathnawi has been worked on not with a philosophical language, but with an art of addressing heart.
Prof. Dr. Reynold A. Nicholson

In the west no mystic person has acquired reputation but Rumi. There is no other mystical poet who is loved so much but Rumi in the history of literature. His words are reflected in lives and works of thousands and thousands of mystical people and his poets were translated into many languages and they provided many people with comfort.
Prof Dr. Annemarie Schimmel(German Orientalist)

Mawlana Rumi, in terms of thought and spirituality, is the possessor of the greatest philosophical and spiritual conquest which has happened with no blood, no voice, and is unique in the history of the world and is still effective today.
Dr. Jalaluddin B. Chalabi

Great Rumi, with a bright heart, is the guide of the caravan of love and drunkness. His range is higher than the Moon and the Sun. He uses the Milky way as a rope for his tent.
Muhammed İkbal

Mawlana Rumi is one of the great mystic Sufi poets addressing to all times.
Roger Garaudy (French Writer and Poet)

The whirling of dervishes recalls the spinning of the planets in the space of the universe.
Marcel Schneider (French Journalist)